Interview with Matías Quiroz – Guitar Player – Bleak Flesh

How did the band get together?

I started the band around 2004, I wanted to form a band with extreme, symphonic and melodic elements. After many band members changes and a lot of different problems we’re still here doing what we love.

What are your major influences as a band?

Musically speaking our influences came from a wide range of music genres, to name a few I’ll say Technical Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal and Progressive Metal. The symphonic aspect is very prominent in Bleak Flesh and our influences came from orchestral composers from various historic periods, all the robotic/electronic kind of things that you can hear on our music are influenced by video game soundtracks, movies from the 80’s and electronic music. Anything that sounds good for us is an influence even outside metal music.

You have a lot of history, can we know a little bit about the getting together of the band?

Bleak Flesh was born as a band on 2004 with a different name, we started playing some covers of finnish bands like Children of Bodom, Norther, etc. The early songwriting process was very influenced by these bands, after a lot member changes different influences started to flow around us and the music was changing quite fast, a lot of technical, progressive and electronic elements took the songwriting process to a whole new level and that’s where we are now. There’s no boundaries on our music and we like it that way.

Could you give us a brief story about your journey from the begining to your place now?

I’m the guy who started the whole thing 11 years ago, a lot of good and bad things happened to us during these years. We met a lot of great people, played with cool bands, got the chance to record our music, got worldwide recognition on a humble scale and great reviews. Amazing learning process, all i can say to the young fellows there… never give up! Keep playing, do what you love and makes you happy.

And what do you see as the bands future?

Hopefully getting a record deal, touring around the world and still making music with the guys. That’s all.

While recording your music what are your little secrets for entering a studio? Little hint for the young bands and our followers?

Most Important thing: Learn the songs before you put a foot in the studio, it’ll save you time and money. Take care of your instruments too, buy new strings, do a full maintenance and concentrate on deliver a great performance.

Are there any interesting anecdotes from the studio?

Since we record the music on our home studios, we have a lot of free time to do non musical things like video games, record blooper videos, take pictures, eat, etc. Any anecdotes? During the recordings of our newest EP (still on process) some thieves broke into our bass player’s car and stole all our string instruments (bass, guitars). Luckily now we have new ones and we can start the recording process from scratch again.

When can we expect another, bigger tour from you guys?

We never got a chance to tour outside our country or even inside it, but you never know, maybe some day in the future.

Thank you guys, it was a lot of fun and i might say good therapy too. Hope you can check our music and grab one of the few copies left of Transcendence here:, we have our music on digital format basically everywhere, itunes, google play, amazon, cdbaby,  soundcloud, spotify, deezer, you name it. You can check us on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, reverbnation, etc. Just type bleak flesh and we’ll be there for you. Expect more from us this year, new single and hopefully brand new EP. Cheers.

Matías Quiroz – Guitar Player – Bleak Flesh

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